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Scrap The News

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Do you scrap interesting newspaper articles? Layouts about events that have been in the news? New Year's Eve 1999? September 11th 2001?
Do you scrap newspaper articles featuring yourself or people you know? Do you do an annual 'news from 2006' type layout?

This is a community to share ideas or layouts about news - community, state, national, international news... All and any news. If it was in the newspaper, on the TV news or on the radio news and you've scrapped it or want to scrap it or want to talk about scrapping it, this is the place!
It doesn't matter if you've used the actual articles, or just scrapped about something that was on the news, or a bit of both. Hopefully when it's a major event, we'll see a number of different perspectives on the one event.

Some of these things are big news and to have the original newspaper articles scrapped seems a neat way to record history. Plus, with journalling about your own views on a major event, it can make it come alive to people in years to come.
And some things on the news have personal relevance to you and are worth keeping for your own personal records - share them so we can all get ideas, inspiration and constructive criticism and become even better at SCRAPPING THE NEWS!

**Pictures of layouts are welcome and ENCOURAGED. If you post more than one, please put them behind an lj-cut. If you're not sure how, ask.**