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New Zealand Victoria Cross

I received something a little special this morning. An autograph from Corporal Willie Apiata, VC. When Corporal Apiata became the first winner of the New Zealand Victoria Cross (our highest medal for bravery during combat, replacing the British Victoria Cross which we have used previously) and the first living New Zealander to be awarded the Victoria Cross since WWII, I thought that was worthy of adding to my scrapbook. I collected all the newspaper articles about him and all the other Victoria Cross recipients as they flooded the newspapers. Then one of my colleagues mentioned that her husband works for the NZ SAS (not an active soldier anymore, but still working for them) and they were good friends with Corporal Apiata. Maybe she could get me a signature, she suggested. Corporal Apiata has been very busy with all the ramifications of being awarded such a high medal (every military man in the country, regardless of rank, must now salute him first) but Colleen’s husband finally managed to grab me a signature. How cool is that? It says ‘William Apiata, VC, INZSAS GP’. I haven’t worked out what all that means yet, specifically the GP bit, but for someone who is NOT an autograph collector (this is my first!), this is seriously cool. Now, somehow, I have to do justice to him on a scrapbook page. Talk about pressure!! I want to do one page on him, one page on the other VC recipients and a double page layout about the NZ SAS (with which I am fascinated).
Any suggestions are more than welcome!! I’ll show you what I manage to come up with when I finish the pages…


This is an article from Joanna Campbell Slan - check out her website at www.scrapbookstorytelling.com. I just thought I'd share this.

Journaling Technique...Use a News Article Tie-In
"Tree famous from diary of Anne Frank will be razed"

This headline caught my attention. We toured the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam in fall 2001. I'll never forget how stunned all three of us were. The thought of children being locked away from the sunlight, kept unnaturally quiet and in constant fear upset all three of us. Michael, then eleven, took it particularly hard. He was so upset he had a difficult time talking afterwards. He just kept repeating, "How could they have?"

I couldn't answer him because I was just as overwhelmed.

I've not scrapbooked our photos from the house, but now I have a new impetus. I'll use this newsclip to add interest and an update. It was too hard to scrapbook our feelings back then...but maybe after all these years, the words will come more easily.

You can add any newsclip to your pages. If you are concerned about acid, spray them with Archival Mist or scan the image onto "safe" paper.

Kiwi Conservation Club

I did this layout commemorating the things we did when I was a member of the Kiwi Conservation Club. It's a junior division of the Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society.
It looks like it needs something else. I definitely need to redo the title I think. Maybe some journalling? I don't know. It needs something anyway. Suggestions?

PS. Ignore the red letter - I didn't notice it was on the scanner until too late.


Tourism NZ

I am participating in a circle journal with a girl in America. We have decided on categories (like sports, holidays/celeberations, food, etc) and I'll do pages about how we do things in New Zealand and she is doing pages about how things are done in the USA. By doing duplicate pages, we should both end up with a book showing all the differences (and similarities) between our two countries.
I saw this article in our national daily newspaper and thought it showcased our country quite nicely, so I grabbed two copies of it, then had to figure out how to display it on an 8"x8" page. The article is about international tourism. It rates NZ first for natural beauty and outdoor activities, second for family activities and authenticity of culture and third for safety. If you're interested, Australia was the top 'country brand' (whatever that means) and the USA was second. Egypt had the best architecture, Peru was the most exotic, Canada was the safest and Italy had the best food and nightlife.
The picture is from a NZ Christmas card (it is summer in December here because we're in the Southern Hemisphere).
I think if I transferred it to a green card background, instead of the current background, it would look okay. But I'm open to any other suggestions... Let me know if you have any.

Tourism NZ

When I grow up...

This is a newspaper clipping of myself as a 4yo. I've had it for years (22 to be exact!) and have finally found a way to keep it/display it. It's simple, but I was reasonably pleased with it. I put the 'our little star' sticker on there to see how it looked and then couldn't take it off without tearing the paper, so it has stayed. :) Never mind.
Comments and feedback welcome.

When I grow up

September 11th 2001

I finally, after 5 years, managed to do layouts about 9/11.
I had heaps of articles, and many were too large to fit on a 12x12 page, so I ended up making the pocket on the third page to hold all the articles. The first page has a journal entry I wrote, a poem I wrote and another short snippet from another journal entry. The second page has another journal entry on it.
Comments and feedback welcome.

9/11 #19/11 #29/11 #3

Maori Royalty

These are the two layouts I ended up doing about the death of the Maori Queen and the crowning of the Maori King. The right hand page still needs a title (it will be the same as the other page but say 'King Tuheitia').
Comments and feedback welcome.

Dame Te AtaKing Tuheitia

Hurricane layouts

I thought this link might come in handy for anyone who is planning to scrap about the hurricanes (Katrina, etc).
If you do, remember to post the layouts here! :D

Maori Royalty

I am doing a double layout about the death of the Maori Queen and the crowning of the new Maori King. I am totally stuck for a title. Any ideas? Preferably something short and snappy as I don't have a lot of room. Maybe three or four words per page, two pages.

Some points that might help with title ideas:

The Queen was Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu, known as Te Ata or Dame Te Ata.
The King is Te Arikinui Tuheitia Paki, known as King Tuheitia.
The Queen was the first Maori queen, the King is the sixth Maori king.
The Queen was born in 1931, crowned in 1966 and died in 2006.
Dame Te Ata was the longest serving Maori king/queen.

If you have any questions, please ask. But yeah, title ideas, anyone? I've seperated the layout so the Queen is on one page, the new King on the other page, so could have two short titles, one for each side, or one encompassing title. Any thoughts, let me know!

Also, should I include my own journalling somewhere? All I can think to say is that I had little knowledge of the Maori Queen before her death made her national news, and that the Maori royalty seems to have little to do with the running of the country, much the same as Queen Elizabeth II has little real impact either. I disliked the fact that many of the news articles about the death of Dame Te Ata were biased and almost anti-Paheka (caucasians/non-Maori). And that's really about it. Hmmm...

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Using newspaper in layouts

Poll #863368 Scrapping Newspaper articles

How do you use newspaper articles in a layout?

I use the original newspaper articles.
I use the original newspaper articles but I treat them to make them acid-free, etc.
I colour copy the articles, so I'm not using the original newspaper.
I don't use newspaper articles, I just do my own journalling.

Questions: Is it okay to use untreated newspaper articles if there are no photos on the layout? Or is it a no-no in general? What's the issue with using untreated newspaper - what effects does it have? What's the best way to treat newspaper to make it safe?
Does anyone have any answers/suggestions? :)